The HUB PLUS™ Wiring Methods by Unique Lighting

Wire connections are the weakest point of any low voltage installation and are susceptible to wicking and water infiltration. Utilizing the HUB installation method will reduce the number of connections by up to 80% versus standard wiring methods. This means less maintenance, less lamp outages and easier troubleshooting. In addition the HUB method utilizes less wire and saves money.

Flexibility is essential as landscapes continue to grow and change over time. The Elements™ Series features an auxiliary 1’ wire lead, in addition to the 15’ standard wire lead, on most fixtures. The new 1’ FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead enables unmatched flexibility and makes future expansion easy as trees grow and the landscape develops.

The 1’ FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead connects to the standard 15’ fixture lead allowing you to run further into the landscape without running additional wire or additional splices in the field. The 1’ FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead also acts as a voltage testing lead in the field, making sure you always have proper voltage.

The System Is The Solution™