Transformer Installation Overview

Transformer Location and Mounting Instructions

  1. Select an appropriate location to mount the transformer, make sure transformer is within four feet of GFCI protected power outlet.
  2. Be sure to locate the transformer in an area that has proper ventilation.
  3. Use a level to aid you with marking the wall where the transformer will hang.

Low Voltage Cable Connections

  1. Pull your home run wires to HUB locations starting with the longest run first.
  2. Number the end of each home run at the HUB and Transformer.
  3. After all fixtures have been placed and Hubs have been connected, gather all home run wires at the transformer.

Proper Voltage

  1. Connect all your home run wires to the 15v or 26v tap to load the transformer.
  2. Starting with your longest home run remove it from the 15v or 26v and connect to the 12v tap.
  3. If the volt meter reads 9 volts, you will need to add 3 volts at the transformer to compensate for the voltage drop. You would need to connect this home run wire to the 15 volt lug terminal (12 volts plus 3 volts equals 15 volts) The target voltage at the HUB is 12v.
  4. Follow the same procedure for each home run wire remaining.
  5. 24 volt systems follow the same steps.

Spanish Installation Sequence