Good morning Debbie,

Once again, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the training we received with Unique Lighting and Toro and a tour of the factory. The training was fantastic and I consider Nate Mullen’s quite the visionary in lighting design. Learning about the “Critical 3” and “Seven Deadly Sins” taught me what I can bring back to the contractors I work with in the future. Also the wire sizing chart will help illustrate to our contractors there is voltage and amp drop in LED. Mike did a great job training us on ULS products, Hub connections, fused links, Unique’s splice connectors, and programing the LPRO.

Chuck L.

“The transition to LED low voltage lighting within our industry was slow, as the quality of the lights and their effects were uncertain and untested early on. Unique Lighting was at the forefront of the movement, providing samples and lighting demonstrations to prove the effectiveness and benefits of LED lights. Unique Lighting not only supplies the industry with top tier products, but their customer service cannot be surpassed. The education and guidance that Unique Lighting provides helps our firm design quality, smart and successful lighting plans that will continue to impress our clients, by providing beauty, security and value, for years to come.”

The McGough Group

Dear Unique Lighting Systems,

What first interested me in the Unique Lighting Systems (Equalizer Hub) wiring method was the flexibility in design.  Using the old standard wiring method, we would literally need to know exactly where each light fixture was going to be placed before we even started trenching for the irrigation.  If we wanted to add or move a fixture after the trenches had been backfilled, we would have to re-trench and home run another wire all the way back to the transformer, which in most cases was a very invasive and costly process. With the Unique “hub” method, we have the flexibility of being able to add, subtract and move fixtures without even skipping a beat.  More importantly, as a project manager, I did not have to spend a lot of my own personal time on the job site initially flagging out fixture locations that were probably going to end up being moved or displaced anyway.  My men are simply trained to run wires from the transformer to strategically placed hub locations.  We then do all of our planting and then determine the fixture locations accordingly.  It makes for a much simpler job for both the project manager and the installer.  It also gives the client an opportunity to make changes at a minimum cost.

I would also like to mention that Unique’s top quality, Limited Lifetime Warranty transformers and fixtures(plus the 15 year  warranty Copper fixtures) have been a big bonus for my company.

Jeff Silverado

Classic Landscapes

Dear Unique Lighting Systems,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. I have never have never had the privilege of going on a business related trip quite like the one Unique Lighting treated me to in September. In my youth I visited Chicago several times for Cubs games and general sight-seeing, so this trip really was a treat and brought back some great memories. The whole time we were there all that I could think of was that it was just a surreal experience. It is very refreshing to know that there are companies like Unique that take great pride in their industry, their product, and their reputation like I know you do. These things are what make a company stand out. In the current market, at least in Florida, most companies are doing their best to hold on to all the profit they can. I am flttered and greatful that Unique chose to share some of the fruits of their labor on a few of us in such an extravagant manner. Again, thank you.

Stahlman England introduced me to your product and I must say that I am impressed with the quality and performance. Unique is certainly making great strides in changing people’s opinion of low-voltage lighting and your passion for doing so is obvious. I will do all I can to continue to utalize your products on future projects and hopefully have the opportunity to try some new ideas and applications. I look forward to this. If you ever make it down this far south, please let me know and I would be glad to give you a tour of our past, current, and future projects and possible show you a great afternoon of golf or fishing. I feel I owe you at least that much.Please pass this along and express Stock Development’s thanks not only for a great product but for a growing relationship.

Many thanks,

Michael Penn

Landscape Manager

I was checking on some stats and I noticed that I doubled my Unique purchases from last year to this year in 10 months! I expect to almost double again next year! Thanks to you guys and your training we are screaming along and having a blast in the process. If everyone would just follow Nate’s book and do what you learn at the Unique University, they would be blown away with the positive changes. I use exclusively Unique products and my customers truly appreciate that. I have yet to hand someone a Pulsar or a Big Bang and not be impressed with quality and as one customer said ‘the elegance’.

With fixtures that look like that and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, what more needs said about fixtures? Price has not been an issue when bidding either, when in front of the right customer. I learned how to get in front of the right customer from you guys and Nate’s book. It takes an open mind and willingness to do things differently, but it works.


Tommy Herren

The Lighting Geek


I just wanted to say Thank you once again for inviting me to go along on the vendor Fly In. The training we received was outstanding. I learned a lot from the trip. I really enjoyed being able to work hands on with Light Logic and being in the lab. Being able to see an entire system fully operational was very impressive. The design portion of the training was equally as impressive. Especially the trip to Mr. Mullen’s home to see his Unique design techniques. I definitely feel more comfortable with being able to help my customers with their lighting needs because of this training.

Jennifer C.

Dear Unique Lighting Systems,

I am sending you this note to express my appreciation for your excellent support and products for our landscape lighting requirements over during 2006 till present.

Your knowledge on your products and design input has assisted us in improving our lighting solutions and increase our business.

As for the quality and product breath of Unique I find it refreshing to find such a robust and beautiful product being made in the USA at a consumer friendly price point.

The units I have installed have aged beautifully withstanding harsh ocean weather conditions from our Pebble Beach installations. We have enjoyed numerous complements from our  Napa Valley estate installation where Unique’s lighting solutions have performed beyond expectations.

Quality products and excellence in service is a constant when we are dealing with you and Unique. We value our relationship and see a continued bright future.

Best regards;

Michael L.

President, ICONGroup

Dear Unique Lighting Systems,

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally express to you how much we appreciated your advice and suggestions at the two large estates we are currently working on.

On the Tavill residence, your suggestions of putting the planters with plants around the trees worked especially well.

Our clients are thrilled with the lighting so far, and all I can say is the last four projects which we brought you in on for consulting were a huge success. Additionally, the training sessions which you conducted in our office for our staff was excellent.

We rely on businesses like Unique Lighting to help us to develop a level of professionalism throughout our industry and in the eyes of the public.

Additionally, the excellent customer service we have received by you has been stellar.(Nate should probably name a light after you).
As a result of your customer service and the quality of the product, we have made the professional decision to strictly install Unique Lighting Systems in all of our projects whenever possible.

We are currently working on the development of a full time lighting division which will be top notch. With our business strategies and your product, I feel this will be an easy task.

Please feel free to use our company as a referral for your business. I will be very happy share with other professionals in our trade, the success of your service.



Don Syrek

COO. Sunrise Gardens Inc.

Dear Unique Lighting Systems,

Recently we had several of our Pulsar lights, which we purchased several years ago,  damaged by our landscapers. We contacted you to find out if we could get our lights repaired. You reminded us that those light fixtures have a lifetime guaranty and that we should just return them to Unique Lighting Systems and the fixtures would be replaced at no charge. We have had things with “lifetime warranties” before, but after several years there was always a reason that the warranty was no longer valid: no longer in production, parts not available or company out of business. None of these were the case with Unique Lighting Systems. You stood behind your product and were true to your word. That is remarkable in this day and age and we wanted to send this letter to thank you for making such great products and standing behind them.

We cannot imagine anyone installing low voltage landscape lighting from any other company. Your variety of products, from transformers to lighting fixtures is remarkable, and the quality of your products is unsurpassed. We are especially impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness of your personnel. Thank you, and feel free to use us for a recommendation to anyone contemplating installing your products.


Linda and David Koffler

The System Is The Solution™