QuickPro Designer iPad App - Unique Lighting

QuickPro™ Designer App (iPad)

This amazing new application is available only from Unique Lighting Systems®. With the touch of a finger, you can lay out your next installation in minutes and calculate voltage drop and wire size circuits for both incandescent and FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps from Unique Lighting Systems®.

System Requirements:

  • QuickPro™ Designer is only available for use on an iPad operating system
  • QuickPro™ Designer does not work on an iPhone
  • QuickPro™ Designer is now available for download to your iPad through the iTunes App Store.


The results generated in the QuickPro™ Designer are calculated using Ohm’s Law. Detailed testing calculations are based exclusively on the “Unique Fingerprint” of FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps from Unique Lighting Systems®. Voltage and amperage calculations vary widely between manufacturers.

Watch the QuickPro™ App Tutorial