Whether you are subtly illuminating an elegant pathway for a desired effect, or reaching for the tree top, FLEX GOLD™ VIVID Series LED lamps provide the solution.  With our wide range of wattages and beam spreads the FLEX GOLD™ VIVID Series can fully illuminate any project. Unique Lighting Systems offers substantial lamp wattage, so virtually nothing is out of reach.

360 Beam Spread
82+ CRI
Wattage 2W
Beam Spread 360°
Kelvin Temp. 2700K, 3000K
Hr. Rated Life 40,000 hrs.
Operating Temp. -4° F to 122° F
CRI 82
Dimming Dimmable with most magnetic transformers
Rating Rated for outdoor use in an enclosed fixture.
Warranty Two year warranty


Part Number Lumen Volt Amps Color Temp.
LED-2W-AT3RGB27 120 3.75 2700K
120 3.75 3000K