Light Logic™ PLUS  builds on the original Light Logic™ Wireless Control System with the addition of an Internet gateway and app. Now you have lighting system control from a mobile device, tablet, web browser or computer virtually anywhere, anytime, regardless of howthose devices are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Cellular). Light Logic™ PLUS  uses a secure Internet Gateway, a dedicated website and an app on your smart device to create an integrated lighting control system. This innovative approach provides complete control of one or more lighting systems from any web browser, computer, iOS®  or Android™ device without the need to be “on site”. Using the Light Logic™ PLUS  app (FREE from iTunes®  and Google Play™) you can control outdoor lighting scenes, easily perform maintenance, set the mood for special occasions, operate security and seasonal lighting, operate ponds, fountains and more! Now Light Logic™ PLUS  has the ability to control irrigation when used with popular irrigation controllers from both Toro®  and Irritrol® .

Astronomical Timing

Auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by your location and seasonal changes.


Easy zip code entry for location.

Daylight Savings

Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

Firmware Fully upgradable.

Power outage safe – you won’t lose your programming.


Secure Internet Gateway - No Wi-Fi Limitations.


Communicates with LPCU-A via proven and dependable RF signal.

Warranty Five year warranty